IPTV Instalation Guide for

Dreambox / Vu+-X-Streamly

Download X-Steamity to your Enigma box

Upload the appropriate file to your device via FTP or with the wget command:

How is X-Streamity installed?

After downloading the appropriate version, copy the file via FTP to the temporary folder /tmp, or simply to your root directory. Connect to your receiver via Terminal/Putty and enter the following commands if you have a Dreambox. (It is important that you are in the correct directory, otherwise the file cannot be executed with the following command)

dpkg -i enigma2-plugin-extensions-xstreamity_3.59.20220230_all.deb
apt-get update
apt-get install -f

For other Enigma devices, the following command must be used to install the plugin:

opkg install enigma2-plugin-extensions-xstreamity_3.59.20220230_all.ipk

Optional: missing dependencies

In most cases, the plugin will automatically install all required dependencies required for X-Streamity. In rare cases this fails and the user has to ensure that all dependencies are currently installed via telnet/putty.

If your image is still under Python 2 please enter the following:

opkg install python-requests
opkg install python-multiprocessing
opkg install python-image
opkg install python-imaging

If Python 3 is running, the command is as follows:

opkg install python3-requests

With Dreamboxes / under DreamOS you will reach your goal with this:

apt-get -y install python3-requests
apt-get -y install python3-multiprocessing
apt-get -y install python-image
apt-get -y install python-imaging

Set up IPTV playlist on in XStreamity

Playlists can be entered via the plugin or edited manually. The playlists are saved as a plain text file (.txt) in the plugin folder, e.g /etc/enigma2/xstreamity/playlists.txt

This is what a server line could look like. Here you need to insert your own data (highlighted in bold). The necessary data can be found in the customer portal, this URL is also called m3u.


EPG loading in the XStreamity app

Click Manual EPG Update to download our EPG data.

X-Streamity is set up

If you have followed the steps, the setup should now be completed successfully.

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